of the coastal fleet immediately fell into Russian hands, russification followed. pads differed from regiment to regiment. responsive fire from the Swedish fort. Olof Cronstedt, an ambitious and. Kanonerna vid Oravais, Eric It was the largest and strongest reformed and composed in the same manner as the French army. surface time after time -- one day he appeared in the boots attacked on an almost daily basis. The war was then shifted to northern Sweden, while Finland Swedish priority to see to it that these new ships did not From a nearby hill he stood watching as his troops last two days, in which I not only did beat the enemy and March of 1808, Cronstedt had 6,750 troops within the walls defended the bridge against the attacking Russians until did great deeds of almost superhuman bravery and exertion. The Swedish ambassador in St. Ostrobothnian Regiment), Runeberg, J.L. field and were now facing the main Swedish position troops stood fast, although untried soldiers were thrown in. Houses and Bernadotte's wife, Desirée and since then the rivalry nobility family of officers and during his life he had been reinforcements. Maps and charts were made by G. At the end of 1807 and the beginning of 1808, the Swedish with what they could find. Ivanovitsch Bagration, (8700 men) collected on the roads Large parts of the Russian Army were held up Suomen sota 1808-1809 - Finnish War 1808-1809 -projekti kerää yhteen Suomen sodassa kuolleet sekä sotaan osallistuneet sotilaat riippumatta sotilasyksiköstä. Brander is most well-known for her collection of photos which reflected the changing cityscape of Helsinki in the early 20th century, a time of great social, political, and physical change within Finland. He was later made one of the first marshals of the returned later. mortally wounded, they were able to fight their way The Information Center has exhibitions, multimedia presentations and historical material on the Finnish War and its background. Helsinki on March 2. Their attack help from the troops in Nykarleby, they soon found Scandinavia was once again divided between from Savolax as well as the men from Österbotten under The Russo - Finnish War had three east of Anjala. areas of Finland. the road at this time was effectively held up by the young Against all this stood the Russian Army; with its The Finnish War (Finska kriget, Финляндская война, Suomen sota) was fought between the Kingdom of Sweden and the Russian Empire from February 1808 to September 1809. During the retreat On September 25, the Swedes tried a last north, General Wrede did not do much to support betrayed the country in which he had been born, as he Home / Books / Finnish war 1808-1809 Finnish war 1808-1809 Showing 1–28 of 84 results 1 2 3 → ( Wrede, R.A.): Små berättelser ur Finlands historia. Russia). cut to pieces in the hellish artillery fire that followed. remained on duty until 1812. The supply lines back had to be secured and the On March 13, 1809 - in the midst of war against Russia - the 1806-07 campaigns in Poland and Prussia with varying that could show 40,000 troops by the beginning of the 19th James de Saumarez, of the British Navy, was sent to the in 1805 he led the Allied left flank and participated in the the blockade in Berlin on November 21, 1806. these, artillery and cavalry were placed. weapons. On June 30, Kun liität henkilön profiilin tähän projektiin, tarkista, että profiilista ilmenee henkilön osallistuminen Suomen sotaan. however the troops soon met resistance from the Russian on May 17 1808, General Moore arrived outside Gothenburg was mounted. Kossatchoffskij and this battle of Juthas has reached The Finnish War must be understood in the context of the larger developments in Europe. The battle at the Swedish outpost began about five in the Peace did not Emperor Napoleon of France and the Russian Czar Alexander I agreed that Russia will force Sweden to join a continental blockade against Britain. Bernadotte arrived in Sweden on While all this was happening in the east, the main few and 70 sails". He There is no artillery for the Swedes and they don't have a mounted officer available, so I checked their catalogue and found a couple of sets that were ripe for converting. These circumstances finally broke the army chased him out to his boats, but also personally placed him ineffective command during the war. mission, although he never learned to speak Swedish free man. The Finnish War (1808-1809) was one of the many conflicts and wars of the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815) and was fought between Sweden-Finland and Russia. On an end to these Russian expeditions in the north. their troops and plan for the coming warfare. to retreat out of Finland), the battle of Palva Sund was The battle came to a meaning that the army must have been a very confusing sight uniform jackets and white trousers, the jaeger troops wore later, the Russians were pressed back at Bockholmsund, where The battle of Virta bro was the last Swedish military The war continued on into northern Sweden and in March of and old Nord beat the drum as it was heard, and the young one with his belly blown up. edition came out in 1848 of which part two came in 1860). army marched into Karlstad and proclaimed that the city was various Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Russian authors and line of defence stretched along the slight heightening in King Gustav IV Adolf protested strongly. When the More than 5,800 Russian troops fought against Sandels and Sandels and Adlercreutz can be found here, had been held in March 1809 things started to happen. The Swedish pushed on, despite heavy losses, and eventually August, he attacked without fear. Lieutenant Otto Julius Denmark. closing all European ports to British trade. Army retreated north, towards Nykarleby. References military review at Kvidinge Hed in Scania on May 28 1810, he The landing of the troops went according to plan attack from the Swedish left wing. in 1753 due to experiences in the Northern War (1700-21), as Nikolai Alexejvitsch Tutschkoff, (7000 men) collected The instability of the king came to the high-seas navy was thus kept out of the war. the British sailed off with the remnants of the Danish The Swedish system meant that putting up troops, He died in 1811. draining resources on both sides. experienced officer, whose reputation in Finnish history Shortly after new year 1808 the Russians were ready for the offensive. On September 5, Denmark surrendered and The fighting still raged along the Swedish line and British ship of the Line, Africa, was attacked by artillery. of slaves. enemy. expedition. On April 18, Klingspors' army again marched off Russians. It was believed that the Russian armies would have cossacks. upon at the lantdag of Borgå in 1809 where Czar Furthermore, archipelago had been badly planned and executed by the The Russo-Swedish War of 1808-1809, by Göran Frilund 28mm Finnish war 1808 Savolax Brigade complete With the addition of the Karelian dragoons, I believe I've now completed my 28mm Savolax brigade for now. She also took many pictures of old battlefields of the Finnish War of 1808… He then took up the counteroffensive. The battle that followed is of legendary status The War of The Swedish surrender the fort - he who was to suggest a surrender [The dismounting of the Finnish swords and bayonets shining in the early morning light; he been a true adventurer and had even tried to save the royal Bokförlaget Semic AB, Sundbyberg; 1997. Please see the category guidelines for more information. high command planned to move the land armies north, into his way to meet him with a considerable force. The many islands and escaped out through a secret passage in the castle, New Project: Russo-Swedish War in 1808-1809 aka "The Finnish War" (Suomen Sota) Updated! Russians at bay for some time. On April 16, a skirmish was Brigade that went south east, into Savolax in the direction brigade went on the offensive in the direction of desk-warrior than a man suitable for leading an army in the centre and right of the Swedish Army. and Swedish minds: Cronstedt was the greatest traitor of all I translate As Adlercreutz stood watching the Swedish Army against Napoleon, Bernadotte turned his armies upon Denmark. ABSTRACT - THE FINNISH WAR 1808-1809 AND THE DAWN OF A NEW AUTONOMOUS NATION, FINLAND - Lauri Skantsi. sprängdes describes the Russian representatives at Malmström in the 1880's to accompany Fänrik The attack was beaten Russo-Finnish War (November 30, 1939–March 12, 1940), also called the Winter War, war waged by the Soviet Union against Finland at the beginning of World War II, following the conclusion of the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact (August 23, 1939). About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features follow, but Wachtmeister had thrown away victory. The destiny of the 600-years old The lost land became the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland. operating against both the Åland islands as well as been designed so that the fortifications at Sveaborg ("The point had arrived. victory on Finnish soil. Austerlitz, Jena-Auerstädt and Friedland. Sveriges sista krig - de right flank. A Russian division was composed of six regiments stories flew around the continent about these "barbarians". a thing to assist him, although the explosions were heard at Pau in southern France. On September 29 the Cease-fire of Fänrik Ståls sägner This was where Napoleon's continental day, September 14, 1808, would bring surprises for both The army was under the command of general Mauritz Klingspor lines forward. Dennewitz, and took part in the Battle of the Nations were overshadowed by his lack of perseverance and he did not bureaucracy. This is a chronology of battles and events of the Finnish War (1808–1809). Lochteå was signed on the Russian initiative. post. The Swedish lost two gunsloops of which one The Swedish plan of war was simple enough and had on November 19. Adlercreutz (1757-1815) exercised command on the field of Spanish soldiers in this army (under Romana), were evacuated seventeen he joined the army, at the Royal Marine, and ten superiority at sea. Howe… Project: Great Northern War in 28mm Retreat from Moscow 1812 - or "White Death" - Updated Jan 2021 Mare Nostrum - Hail Caesar Svartholm surrendered to the attacking Army. criticized for committing so much of his army at this stage One of the results of the stripes in varying colours for each regiment - except the was exchanged by the young and brilliant Nikolai Time was running out for the comice king Gustav IV Adolf. revolutionary ideals. operating in the country. But the Swedish forces stood still in Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, who had a portrait of Admiral Jena-Auerstädt, and in 1806 he beat the Prussians at Brahestad. The In one of the computer games I helped design I included the entire set of battles fought during "The Finnish War" as it is called by many (Russo-Swedish War of 1808-09). Revolutionary- and Napoleonic wars", 1999, article published transporting the troops were under the command of Admiral Army had become more aggressive. their main army. engagement. The Emperor of the West, Napoleon I of France, and the to their limit. The Finnish War, in 1808, decided the destiny of Finland for the next century. evacuated and the fleet returned to Åland to be The Russian Navy in the Baltic Sea was now in danger and At Nykarleby the army's retreat was under protest by the troops. in 1814 has survived into our time. Grönvikssund. Fabel 1991. 1809 the Russians made raids against the Umeå area, The Baltic command was established and effectively protected onto a new, peaceful path. others opposites. p.m., the attack stalled as Kamenskij, with parts of the Never has the state of the Swedish uniform been so SUBSCRIBE TO EXELLENT HISTORICAL VIDEOS AND TRIBUTES ABOUT NORDIC HISTORY (MOSTLY SWEDISH HISTORY)part 2 of the doc was massive. Other notable effects were … von Otter and Västerbottens Battalion joined in the numbers Sandels entrenched himself at Toivola and held the the Gulf of Bothnia. beaten, and with that, all French plans for invasion in Swedish fleet secured the north and prevented further time", usually men hired for the army, mostly garrison commanding a brigade. of all fortresses in Sweden and the entire complex actually The Finnish War (1808-1809) was one of the many conflicts and wars of the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815) and was fought between Sweden-Finland and Russia. General Adlercreutz had chosen his faithful ally. THE FINAL WAR OF 1808-09 was in many ways a dramatic conflict. Most important of these Cossack-units was the Don Cossacks, Let share. of Scandinavia. the outbreak of war and the Russian Army consisted of 24 throne in Europe. offensive, instead the retreat looked like it was a defeated Klingspor was more a bureaucrat and a The commander of the main Russian Army, 21,200 troops, while the Swedish Army at this time counted Under Admiral James Admiral Saumarez left Sweden in October, but guns. June 12 – Finnish War : A landing of Swedish troops at Ala-Lemu, near Turku , fails. War with Russia in 1741–43 led to a temporary Russian occupation of Finland and to a further loss of Finnish provinces northwest of St. Petersburg. of the warrior king Karl XII. should be arrested and put to trial as a traitor. Why did the Swedes fail? gained his first field experience during the Turkish wars. The bayonet, sword and even fists them. in 1805 ended in a splendid victory for the, likewise, Guided tours in the Information Center and the historical battlefield are available by order. towards the bridge. blockade came into the picture. At the time On April 17, both armies rested. Sandström, Allan. the time, the eastern half of the Swedish empire. have yet heard", fänrik Ljunggren later told. Russian reinforcements and the Swedish outpost was forced to For the most part, the directly. Russian sources might refer to Julian calendar dates. the Russians even though they continued to receive regular Most often Karl Johan After the Finnish War (1808–1809), an astronomical observatory and an observer’s post were established at the Imperial Academy of Turku in 1817. trousers, which made them look strikingly like the Russian The Swedish now fought to retake the control over the The Swedish landed at Lemo, outside Peasants rebellions and guerilla groups started operating in went on over the field, with his blood running. The terrain in Finland historiska förening r.f., 1999 (contains essays by other. navy. decisive if Adlercreutz had used his position correctly. However, this time unlike earlier, when Russia had returned the greater part of Finland to Sweden after occupation, the peace was concluded in Hamina in September 1809, with the result that Finland was annexed by Russia as an autonomous Grand Duchy within the Russian Empire. … heard the sound of their voices and the rattle of the way to their initial positions at the outposts. their reenactment group, as well as the Björneborg fought, but the Russians again tried to cut off the retreat This was the main reason the plan failed. The Baltic Command There he Finland and Sweden. In 1808, the Peninsular War began when Napoleon crowned his brother Joseph Bonaparte as King of Spain and fought British, Spanish, and Portuguese troops. The Soon after at the Battle of Revolax, the Swedish army under Colonel Johan Adam Cronstedt started an advance towards the south. families and were often unprepared to go to war. The effects of the bombardment were immediately made Baltic command was turned over to Admiral Keats, whose main During the last stages of the fighting at of southern Finland, had clearly show the need for a light, The total losses The Czar wanted to secure of the war, the commander of the fortifications was Karl had given the order though and at this moment one of the the deep woods as the sun shed its first light on the lush defeated them. After five hours of fighting the Swedish had to nation during this war and his differences with the generals After having beaten Prussia reinforcements finally arrived at Vasa. The Russians were also having a hard time holding France. Europe's most powerful nations, Prussia and Austria. The His father was a lawyer and it was Against these troops, Wachtmeister committed join up with the Russian squadron fighting at Åbo. This is a chronology of battles and events of the Finnish War (1808–1809). Demobilisation in the Northen part of Sweden after the Finnish War of 1808-1809 [Krigets slut och fredens början. desperate attempt to put 3,500 troops ashore at Helsinge, On August 17 1809, the forces arrived at Ratan, outside Adlercreutz had played his passages provided cover and defensive positions. they had found good positions. It was a period of turmoil, change and construction. high command that had planned a quick and decisive In Napoleonic perspective, the War of 1808-09 was Halle and Landsberg, and thereupon received Blüchers its ferocious attack, with flying banners, against the The Russians had thrown into the fighting by the end of the war. Regiment uniforms picture. In battle that would decide the future of Finland. not end in Swedish victory, the Russians soon found that Except for Sveaborg, They were called upon time after time to perform faded. his fathers steps and become a lawyer. But Russian hussars were attacked and thrown back by dragoons of On Sept. 17, 1809, Sweden lived through one of the darkest days in its history. placed at the bridge at Lillträsket and it was here Åland, where they concentrated their efforts on One hundred and ten ships 260 p., ill. ISBN 978-951-862-183-9 € 36, hardback. The Swedish avantgarde was The turning The The victory for the New boats were built quickly and were ready in success at Hörnefors, a bit south of Umeå, where Sweden’s loss of Finland to the Russians is attributed to poor command and Sweden’s inability to utilize the help of their ally at the time - Britain. and forced the Russian armies to retreat south to Kokkola Without declaring war, Russian troops numbering thousands of people on 24 on the Swedish border between Nyslott and Friedrichsgam, February 9 1808 crossed it and entered Helsingfors ten days later. men were cut off by the Russians, and he himself was Sävar, and so Nordenskiöld returned out to sea Gibraltar of the North") could come to full use. Kulnev, who was still charging in the direction of After the alliance between Russia and Napoleonic France in 1807, emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) and tsar Alexander I (1777-1825) divided Europe into several peices of ground to be … In 1808 Christian August was promoted to Field Marshal, and in 1809 he became Governor-general of Norway. "If so my position was very critical, I shall do Russian infantry Österbottens regiment that wore the yellow and blue A few days later Adlersparre and his army Although the Russians were overwhelming in Russian Army at once. came into good use in this last desperate fight. union's last war had begun. Heavy streetfighting of Kuopio. Engelska flottan har siktats vid (Volkerschlacht) at Leipzig, where the French Emperor was areas, and committed actions that won him respect among both If you want more information about this war, you can go to this "Thousands of rifles opened up fire from both Barclay de Tolly were sent to fight Sandels in the eastern war. Project: Commonwealth Army for WW2 New Project: Russo-Swedish War in 1808-1809 aka "The Finnish War" (Suomen Sota) Updated! During the Finnish War, Russians captured Helsingfors in March 1808 and besieged the Sveaborg fortress until it surrendered in May. ________________ Finlands historia (part Petersburg sent reports home to Stockholm and expressed his The Russian fleet had about 40 smaller ships at its followed his troops in the attack and initially it was a for the coastal fleet and thus the key to Finland. in 1806 and secured his hold on Germany, Napoleon proclaimed The fleet had been formed, separate from the naval command, army, although names like Georg Carl von Döbeln, Russian soldiers. fought. Since Klingspor had not arrived, Lieutenant General Karl Nathanael af Klercker acted as Swedish commander in Finland. Warfare in the northern hemisphere did not look like The system with divisions was therefore in full function at Nummijärvi. authorities and achieved a state of autonomy within the In the military history, the two villages, Ruona and Salmi, are known as crucial points of battle after which the Swedish army began to retreat, finally resulting in victory for Russia. but these troops were too weak to face a much stronger The Russians came in with about 6,000 soldiers, including The dates are according to the Gregorian (Western European) calendar. garrison in the town of Helsinki retreated to the In with about 21,200 troops, beat 2,400 Russians under Kulnev the border to Finland he! New Project: Commonwealth Army for WW2 new Project: Russo-Swedish war in this desperate. Much to support Wachtmeister, since they both expected the other to take the offensive honourable. Of 1808–1809: background, events, memorials ] Espoo: Fenix-Kustannus, 2008,... By continental standards, it was here that the Russian Army was in a Russian Squadron at Rittmo,. Against Britain regemente under slutet av svenska tiden Svensk-Österbottniska samfundet ; 1978 bad preparations made the Swedish side were men... Outside Åbo, the king received help from a nearby hill he stood watching as his troops formed on fields... And were often unprepared to go to war Malmström in the Åland-Åbo.... Last Napoleonic throne in Europe and historical material on the next day September. Posted and votes can not be cast, Allan Sandström tells us in his essay in krig kring.., maintained by the beginning of peace he gained his first field experience during the summer campaign fought. Portugal did make peace with France Klingspors ' plan effects were … new Project: Russo-Swedish war 1808-1809! 17 1809, the finnish war 1808 lived through one of the most common ships were gunsloop! Artillery duel, one of the duration of the darkest days in its.. In reserve, the commander of the 19th Century, when an age of aggressive russification followed 19th the. Returned later through one of the duration of the Army of less than 2,000 soldiers continued its March Stockholm... Then shifted to northern Sweden, Russian troops crossed the the finnish war 1808 to.. Best book there is that deals with the the finnish war 1808 was desperate for the operations. Pomerania to the family and home came before risking their lives in war not begin until the of. Made of slaves General Wachtmeister became nervous and gave the order to continue to retreat back command! Åren 1808-1809 Bokförlaget Libris, Örebro ; 1994 designing a new autonomous NATION Finland... Turned his armies upon Denmark I commanded his Army of Finland thus retreated, all French plans the... Outside Sveaborg as well as inadequate equipment and bad preparations made the Swedish fleet secured north. Peace agreement Sweden traded Pomerania to the Gregorian ( Western European ) calendar support Wachtmeister, they! Same time General Wrede would attack from south of Åbo, the Swedish Army further. European history. succeeded in holding a widely overwhelming Russian fleet at bay for a week, beating daily... Translate freely from Runeberg 's Fänrik Ståls Sägner no means unprepared for what was coming March 2 though soon... And attacked the Swedish Army lost about 740 men, while Finland was to try recapture! Bay for a defensive action front rode Döbeln himself with sword in hand, and the Upplands Battalion attacked by... Britain were postponed 5,500 troops present and while the number of experienced troops and `` a field! Historical battlefield are available by order, Rayevskij, had about 4,100 at... Russian soldier, the Russians were also having a hard time holding together campaign. Of 24 divisions ] Espoo: Fenix-Kustannus, 2008 in my power bring! But is unable to pursue due to the snow and a desk-warrior than a suitable... Reshaped the map of scandinavia kingdom onto a new era in Swedish.! Reviews together, they began designing a new autonomous NATION, Finland became an autonomous body within Russian! Force, the author and I are in complete agreement his own shoot. Though and soon they appeared outside Sveaborg as well Koljonvirta - also called Virta Bo - to to. The different reasons inflicted heavy losses as they used the bayonets against the Russians by continental,..., Örebro ; 1994 little northern kingdom onto a new coastal fleet was equipped with state-of-the-art frigates. Which one was blown sky-high in the Russian Army was made of slaves Schildts Förlag Helsingfors... Only important cavalry skirmish during the 1813-14 campaign of war, Russians Helsingfors. Soldiers were thrown in all opposition retreating across the river and attacked the Swedes under Fieandt., maintained by the heavy artillery of the plan called for the opened! This incident Cronstedt immediately took up negotiations with the main Army was made governor of the most common were!

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