Colonel Landscaping: Professional Hydroseeding Services

Tired of looking at dead, empty patches throughout your yard? Or, maybe you've just built a new home and are finally ready to start making your exterior property look as beautiful as the interior. Colonel Landscaping's professional hydroseeding may prove the perfect grass-growing solution.

Colonel Landscaping's innovative hydroseeding strategies can create a thick, green, lush lawn in just one season. We use a specialized mix of grass seed, fertilizer, wood mulch, water, and other organic materials to instantly promote and support robust growth with long-term, sustainable results. Whether you're looking to reinvigorate a damaged lawn or promote healthy new grass at a construction site, Colonel Landscaping's hydroseeding can quickly transform your dry, dusty lot into a gorgeous, thriving lawn that revitalizes the look and feel of your entire property.

We Customize Our Hydroseeding Approach

At Colonel Landscaping, we know that every yard is different. You'll never endure one-size-fits-all services with our team of landscape specialists.

We'll carefully assess your property to identify its unique needs, deficiencies, and factors, such as:

  • Full sun
  • Shade
  • Drought conditions
  • High traffic area (parks, playing fields, golf courses)

The Colonel Landscaping team can customize your hydroseeding solution to minimize risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, all while maximizing results!

Colonel Landscaping's Hydroseeding Benefits

Many home and business owners assume that a complete sod installation is their only option. Hydroseeding offers an excellent alternative to traditional sod installation. Before jumping to sod installation, consider the benefits when you hydroseed your yard:

Fast Application

Colonel Landscaping uses the very latest hydroseeding technology. Our precision machinery and equipment quickly and thoroughly apply your hydro lawn spray seed mixture everywhere it's needed throughout your property. Additionally, our hydro lawn spraying techniques ensure seed is applied to even the hardest to reach spots.


Our hydroseed is a green color, instantly improving the appeal of bare spots throughout your property and making it feel more like grass than dust.

Erosion Control

Hydroseeding retains the moisture and binds several soil conditioners such as seed and mulch. This binding creates instant protection against weather conditions and pests.

Accelerated Growth

Hydroseeding speeds up the seed germination process, creating an ideal microenvironment for new growth. Most importantly, hydroseed's versatility allows it to adjust in your turf, eliminating the risk of transplant shock or soil adaptation issues. Instead, your hydro grass will grow in a healthy environment, ready to ward off weeds, diseases, pest, and drought threats.

Less Water

Sod installations require extensive watering, potentially causing your utility bills to skyrocket. Hydroseeding does warrant watering. However, the overall requirements are far less when compared to sod installs.

Lower Cost

Most importantly, hydroseeding is an extremely cost-effective grass growing solution. Beyond saving you money on your water bill, hydroseeding's easy application process requires fewer landscaping hours, instantly lowering the overall expense of the project.

Ready To Revitalize Your Home Or Business Lawn?

Colonel Landscaping can help. Contact us today to learn more about our hydroseeding process. Or, connect with a landscape specialist to schedule a no-risk property assessment.

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