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Colonel Landscaping: Connecticut's One-Stop Lawn Care Professional

Colonel Landscaping is a full-service provider of innovative, effective residential and commercial lawn care services throughout Connecticut. At Colonel Landscaping, we don't just make your grass green. We develop a customized fertilization program that reverses yard damage, nourishes the soil, and creates a healthy, robust, thriving lawn from root to tip.

Colonel Landscaping's Green Season Maintenance Program Maximizes Results

Since 2004, Colonel Landscaping has helped Connecticut home and business owners love their lawns. Our most popular package, the Green Season Maintenance program, runs from April through November to optimize results.

Colonel Landscaping's 5-step slow release fertilization program includes:

  • Crabgrass pre-emergent
  • Fertilizer & weed control as needed (and spot treatment)
  • Fertilizer with preventative grub control
  • Fertilizer
  • Winterizer and fertilizer

Colonel Landscaping's Green Season Maintenance runs from April through November. We work hard for you throughout Connecticut's growing season for sustainable property health and optimal final results.

A Healthy Lawn Starts With The Soil

At Colonel Landscaping, we know that every property has its own distinctive needs. We use our 5-step Green Season Maintenance program as a baseline to develop a customized final approach that is tailor-made for your lawn's unique composition. We know that long-term success starts with the soil. Colonel Landscaping will carefully assess your property to establish the soil's pH content and create a personalized fertilization program that considers acid/alkaline balance and offers:

The Right Blend

Typically, lawn fertilizers contain nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. After analyzing your soil composition, the Colonel Landscaping team will identify exactly which ingredients best suit your lawn's needs.

The Right Amounts

It's not just about pinpointing the right fertilizer components; it's also vital to mix the proper amounts of each ingredient based on the size of your property. Colonel Landscaping will measure the square footage of yard that warrants fertilization so we can create a precise mix.

The Right Timing

When it comes to lawn fertilization, timing really is everything. Once we've developed your yard's customized application, Colonel Landscaping will develop a schedule that considers vital factors such as nitrogen release rate, green up rate, overall growth and results to ensure our controlled-release products deliver steady, consistent results.

Colonel Landscaping Offers Organic, Hybrid, And Conventional Fertilization Products

At Colonel Landscaping, we want our clients to feel good about what they put on their lawns. We proudly offer our residential and commercial customers access to a diverse range of fertilizers so they can choose the right option for their property. Clients can opt for organic, traditional, and hybrid products as part of our 5-step maintenance treatment program. You select the fertilization model that works for you – and Colonel Landscaping does the rest!

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